The five way of creative value with light

We shall create new benefits to humankind by dedicating ourselves to the Five Ways of Creating Value with Light

We will explore the various properties of light, which we will combine with Stanley’s own overall strengths to create new value with light and thereby contribute to society.

CREATING creating light
Creating light-in other words, the development of light sources-is at the core of Stanley’s value creation. By mastering the intricacies of light and continuing to create new light sources for the future, we will create new value for society from this foundation.

RECOGNIZING sensing and recognizing with light
The human being’s ability to use his eyes to see is one of the fundamental examples of sensing and recognizing. Although this may seem like a simple example, there are still many aspects of the act of seeing that we still do not fully understand. We will continue to get to the bottom of the various mechanisms of light, including those bands that we cannot see, and produce more advanced ways of sensing and recognizing.

INFORMING processing information with light
Value is added to information when it is communicated to others, stored, or processed in some way. Light can play various important roles at all stages from the input of information until its use. We will control and process light in countless ways in order to create new value with light in the information economy.

ENERGIZING harnessing light’s energy
Light also has a huge and largely untapped potential as an energy source that is clean and environmentally friendly. Already a number of business segments have developed in areas such as solar power generation, solar-powered lasers, and photovoltaic cells. We will also create value in this field of solar energy.

EXPRESSING producing feeling with light
Besides its physical functions, light can also affect us psychologically and emotionally. For example, we can create a relaxed and soothing mood by lighting a room in a certain way. Stanley will also endeavor to apply the psychological effects of light to produce feelings by lighting spaces, areas and objects.