Stanley Group Vision

We shall blaze our own trail to brilliant future by daring to “outshine light.”

The boundless pursuit of the Value of Light
We shall contribute broadly to society by exploring the infinite possibilities of light and bringing its value to humankind.
Business innovation by maximizing our potential as a manufacturer
We shall continually reinvent our processes to draw out further value and quality from our business base in manufacturing.
Ensuring the welfare of those who truly support our mission
We shall value those who truly support Stanley and endeavor to ensure their welfare.

We shall create new benefits to humankind by dedicating ourselves to the Five Ways of Creating Value with Light.

                                             CREATING               creating light
                                             RECOGNIZING       sensing and recognizing with light
                                             INFORMING             processing information with light
                                             ENERGIZING           harnessing light’s energy
                                             EXPRESSING          producing feeling with light

Always challenge yourself with the highest standards and sets out to reach them.
Combine boundless creativity and user understanding to create new value.
Share and leverage our diverse total know-how to enhance our overall value.
Be considerate of society in general and our environment to develop you humanity.
Respect and understand global diversity.