Business Philosophy

The boundless pursuit of the Value of Light
We shall contribute broadly to society by exploring the infinite possibilities of light and bringing its value to humankind.

Human beings cannot live without light. Throughout history we have used light in many ways in our lives, but so far we have only begun to tap the boundless potential of light. We shall contribute to society by discovering the infinite possibilities of light and using them in our technology and products to create value for humankind. We may think of this as the core purpose of the Stanley Group in society.

Business innovation by maximizing our potential as a manufacturer
We shall continually reinvent our processes to draw out further value and quality from our business base in manufacturing.

Stanley is a manufacturer. We shall maximize our potential as a manufacturer by creating value not only at the manufacturing level, but also through all business processes. It is imperative that we continually improve our systems so that every function and every process adds significant value to our manufacturing. Our competitive advantage will come from the synergies generated from combining the value of light with the value of our manufacturing and business systems.

Ensuring the welfare of those who truly support our mission
We shall value those who truly support Stanley and endeavor to ensure their welfare.

Stanley has as its Company Slogan “Stanley’s Four Values” : the customer, supplier, employee and shareholder. It is the founding principle defining the relationship of Stanley with its stakeholders, in which we take great pride to this day. We will now strongly reaffirm the spirit of the Four Values and extend their meaning.

Stanley is supported by many people and companies, and unless we can get those who support us to work together in harmony with Stanley’s Business Philosophy, we will neither be able to continue to operate as a business nor to fulfill our role in society. We shall now redefine Stanley’s Four Values as follows:

  • By customer we will mean not only our direct clients but also include the end users of our products.
  • By supplier we will mean business partners who grow together with us.
  • By employee we will mean our colleagues who share the same company objectives both today and tomorrow.
  • By shareholder we will mean both present and future investors including shareholders.
Embedded in this philosophy is the idea that Stanley will ensure the welfare of its employees. Having employees feel fulfillment in their work and life at Stanleyhaving them achieve self-actualization-is not only a corporate objective, it is also a powerful advantage for us as a company.

What we would like to emphasize is the importance of the words “those who truly support our mission.” If you truly support, then you also will be supported. It is with this kind of mutual support that we can create a natural win-win environment for all of our stakeholders.