Safety, Health, and Environmental Workplace Policy

Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited concerns about the life and healthiness of all staffs and agrees to proceed on the safety, health, and environmental workplace policy together with the responsible duty of staffs with the policy as follows:

  1. Safety at work is considered as a priority job of all staffs.
  2. The company supports on improving the work condition and its environment and ensure the safety at workplace.
  3. The company supports on conducting activities concerning safety in order to provoke the consciousness of staffs such as training, motivation, public relation, and safety competition, for instance.
  4. All supervisors must behave as a good example as a good leader in the training and motivate all staffs to work safely.
  5. All staffs must concern about their own safety and their colleagues’ safety as well as the safety of the company’s property at all working hours.
  6. Comply with 5 S (Clear, Convenience, Clean, Hygienic, and Discipline) strictly at workplace in order to prevent accidents and sickness from work.
  7. All staffs must cooperate in Safety & Hygienic Project at the company and they also have right to participate in giving comments to improve the condition at workplace to ensure safety during work time.
  8. The company will conduct an evaluation on the mentioned policy regularly.
  9. The company will support on activities concerning to Hazard Completely Check & Completely Find Out constantly in order to achieve the purpose of reducing no. of accident to be zero during work hour and after work hour.