Safety Activities

Outstanding Award for Safety, Occupational Health for year 2014

On July 3, 2014 Mr. Mr. Attaniti Dij-amnat, Privy Councilor presided over the opening “ the 28th National Safety Week 2014” gave the Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Trophy for 2014. On this occasion, Mr.Wutthipong Singthong, Chairman of Safety Committee, representative to receive the honorably award the Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment of Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited at the Exhibition and Conference BITEC Bangna

CCCF Audit

On June 27,2013 Safety Committee participated in safety management audit including CCCF activity audit by Toyota.



Hiyarihut Award

On May 8 ,2013 Safety Committee also with Safety and Environment Section organized a ceremony of Hiyarihut Prize 2012” for excellent of direct, indirect and personnel. On this occasion, Mr. Hiroyuki Nakano, President gave the prize at 3rd Floor, Head Office.